2019 marks the end of a decade. And that’s what we decided to celebrate with our annual wrapped campaign – A DECADE WRAPPED.

Through a series of films, activations and experiences, we invited everyone to relive the music and moments that moved them. We created digital experiences that served up deeply personal stories and unexpected insights for millions of fans and artists, powered by ten years of listening data. These stories were unique to each viewer, so that no two experiences were ever the same. Thousands shared their story with the world, and soon Wrapped became the #1 trending topic on Twitter – creating a global cultural moment that dominated conversation online and offline for days.

60+ million visits · 1.3 million artist visits · 30 million+ shares · 6.5+ billion streams

Client: Spotify
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2019

Collaborators: Jill Menor, Daniel Brill, Rasmus Wangelin, Carlo Luetto, Ellen Pai, Felipe Rocha, Erik Herrstrom, William Oswin, Alex Bodman, Payman Kassaie, Jonathan Chu, Lauren Solomon, Gabby Kreuter, Jenna Alchin, Alex Bodman, Alex Tanguay and more

Press: FastCoTech CrunchBillboardUSA TodayYahooBuzzfeed


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