DAVID BOWIE IS HERE took over all of Broadway-Lafayette station, featuring over 40 unique pieces about the music icon’s life in the neighborhood and New York City. The work covered a spectrum as broad as Bowie’s category-defying career, including never-before-seen images from photographers such as Mick Rock and Masayoshi Sukita, personal artifacts from his archive, new commissioned pieces from longtime collaborators, staircases featuring Bowie’s lyrics about New York City, and a 150-ft anamorphic centerpiece that shows Bowie from two eras. Each piece came accompanied with a Spotify code so commuters could listen to the David Bowie song it inspired. At launch, we released 250,000 David Bowie MetroCards—based on five different Bowie musical alter-egos—available only at Broadway-Lafayette.

Client: Spotify
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2018

Collaborators: Noel Yeo, Erik Herstromm, William Oswin, Cynthia Angel, Belinda Lopez, Christy Motch, Kenzie Tankersley, Candice Greenberg, Alex Bodman

Press: HypebeastVariety, BillboardHyperAllergicFastCoTimeOut, FADERDesign Taxi

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