"THIS IS OFF THE WALL" celebrates those who bring a unique perspective to everything they do. Featuring skateboarders Beatrice Domond, Cocona Hiraki and Felipe Nunes, as well as musician and actress Little Simz and Fashion Designer Irene Kim, the global brand defining campaign merges striking and fresh visuals with a powerful message of authenticity. For Vans, there’s no right way of doing things – Just yours. 
Made with our friends at Anomaly Los Angeles, produced by Lovesong and directed by Will Dohrn and Daniel Wolfe.
Client: Vans
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2023

Collaborators: Carly Gomez, Rob Teague, David Happekote, Cor Cormier, Nate Rogers, Antonietta Croft, Lizzy Yao, Jacob Meachum, Shirley Chong, Joaquim Salim, Mariana Oliveira, Lucy Logan, Erin Kaupp, Micheal Gobbo

Hypebeast, Complex, Shots, LBB, Office Mag, The Drum

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