Voting has never being so crucial to ensure we have a long standing democracy. We partnered with several artists and influencers to spread the word of importance each vote has. We created a designated hub on Spotify where users could find songs and podcasts that would incentive them to vote, we targeted first-time voters with tailored messages based on their top streamed songs from artists who were also first-time voters, and created instructional videos covering each aspect of voting – from voting by mail to doing your research prior to heading to the polls. 

Client: Spotify
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2020

Collaborators: Jill Menor, Alex Reinoso, Kate Carter, Marie Ronn, Ellen Pai, Rebecca Lim, Prapti Pandey, Casey Acierno, Gabija Blake and more

Press: CNN, Billboard, Thrillist, AdWeek


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