In partnership with Record Store Day, Vans wanted to show the impact black-owned record stores have in their communities.

"OPEN DOORS" champions 5 stores around the U.S. and tells the story of how they created a place for discovery and inclusion.

Vans and Record Store Day are also releasing two albums: Songs for You, Vols. 1 & 2. The limited-edition vinyl releases will be available to purchase at independent record stores on Record Store Day 2021 (June 12th). As a salute to the community power of Black-owned businesses, Vans and Record Store Day will reinvest proceeds from the albums into Black-owned record stores across the United States. 

Client: Vans
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2021

Collaborators: DJay Brawner, Max Rose, Marissa Smith, Brianna Ceaser, Rob Teague, Carly Gomez

Press: Muse by Clios


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