How dunks helped Verizon be the center of the NBA Playoffs conversation.

During the NBA Playoffs, one thing stands out as the true crowd-pleaser: DUNKS. Nothing gets more attention on social media, and this year Verizon gave fans an extra reason to cheer when players dunked. With Data Dunk, fans could draft 6 players from any team, and the more the players dunked, the more free data the fans got.

The concept drove over 60.000 fans to create teams in the first week and took them to Twitter to urge “their” players to dunk even more. So when players in the 2016 NBA Playoffs dunked, the fans cheered, and then instantly checked their Data Dunk score. Putting Verizon at the very center of the Playoffs conversation.

Client: Verizon
Role: Art Direction
Year: 2016

Collaborators: Ivan Guerra, Marie Ronn, Erik Tell, Nick Law, Paul Dery

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