After falling deep into the dark click-hole known as “the internet”, we found that a lot of twenty øne piløts fans spend their time trying to decod the fictitious prison of dema and the world of TRENCH created by the band. So to launch their new concept album, TRENCH, we partnered with RESN and the band to create an immersive video for their song “BANDITØ” that let fans journey through their world.
600,000+ fans interacted with it and apparently cried a lot, and Awwwards and FWA made it their December 2018 sites of the month.

Check it out at

Client: Twenty Øne Piløts
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2018

Collaborators: Jill Menor, Alex Reinoso, L.P. Riel, Mark Pytlik, Jacky Tran, Christy Motch, Ashley Graver 

Press: Billboard, Alt Press, Kerrang!, FWA, Awwwards

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