Other Holiday campaigns tell stories about traditional families. For Vans’ Holiday 2022 campaign, we flipped tradition on its head and focused on the things people do together that make them one.

In a series of videos, the campaign tells the story three unique families that embody the brand’s core pillars—music (MUNA), art (Bob Baker Marionette Theatre) and action sports (Bottomfeeder).
Client: Vans
Role: Creative Direction
Year: 2022

Collaborators: Mia Madrid, Rachel Leathers, Holiday Black, Ben Kaplan, Behnia Rahmati, Ben Trepanier, Julia Eslinger, Tierney Stout, Brianna Caeser, Carly Gomez, Marc Johns, Rob Teague, Camila Cornelson, Shawn Knight, Alison Banna, Eddie Granado, Nate Rogers, Alanna Litchwardt

We also brought the campaign to life across 500 Vans storefronts in an interactive way.
Giving shoppers the chance to scan and virtually unwrap presents via AR, receive a Holiday message from a Vans family, and shop looks online.

And we even dropped a Vans-ified holiday-centric skatepark island in Roblox.

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