Converse brings its "Made By You" campaign to Brazil by paying tribute to Brazilian singer and composer Cazuza, who died in 1990. Cazuza was the first public figure in Brazil to come out publicly as HIV positive in 1989. His charismatic persona and powerful lyrics made him one of the most popular rock stars in his country to this day.

The spot shows Chuck Taylor-wearing young men and women walking around Cazuza's native Rio de Janeiro late at night, while an actor with a voice similar to Cazuza's recites some of his famous quotes.

When the sun comes up, they jump into action: kissing a girl in the lips, dancing, playing drums, jumping in the sea at Copacabana beach, flashing drivers on a highway. All the while Cazuza's most famous song "O Tempo Nao Para" ("Time Doesn't Stop") blasts away.

Client: Converse
Role: Art Direction
Year: 2015

Collaborators: Ivan Guerra, Rodrigo Grau, Anselmo Ramos, Carol Vieira, Mariane Goeble, Catia Nucci

Press: AdAgeUOL

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